The Woodcutters Helper

Firewood Measuring Attachments for your chainsaw

Woodcutters Helper 16″ Non-adjustable Fiberglass Firewood Measuring Attachment

Made in Montana!

The Woodcutters Helper™ 16″ fiberglass firewood length guide is a simple and effective time saving chainsaw accessory!
Its convenient, versatile, accurate, affordable and simple to use.
Measure firewood as you saw! It attaches to any location on either side of the chain-saw bar using a strong Rare-Earth Neodymium magnet rated at 48.5 lbs of pull force.

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Why be measuring when you can be sawing?
The time you save using the Woodcutters Helper pays for itself the first time you use it and the results are excellent!
Firewood the same length stacks tighter and neater saving space. Never struggle with a piece of firewood too long to fit your stove.

Watch a short demo. This video is of the original Woodcutters Helper and is for illustration only. The version offered from this listing is the non-adjustable 16″ fiberglass.

Hook the clip to your belt loop or pocket and then use the magnet to attach the tool to the clip. It hangs from the clip within easy reach. (The free spring clip may vary in type and design depending on available stock).

The 3/16″ fiberglass rod is currently only available in high-vis orange. The color aids in locating the tool if you placed it somewhere or it has fallen in the brush or snow.

Above picture is of the 16″ adjustable fiberglass version. The version offered from this listing is the 16″ Non-adjustable fiberglass

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

The Fiberglass Non-Adjustable Woodcutters Helper only $14.00 each, includes free shipping within the U.S.

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Please note: we cannot be responsible for breakage or splintering of the fiberglass rod. To help prevent breakage, do not step on the measuring tool and try to prevent logs from rolling on it.

As the creator and manufacturer of the Woodcutters Helper we have the ability and reserved the option to change configurations regarding magnetic pull force and dimension or material of the measuring rod and indicator. The original Woodcutters Helper made from a zinc plated all-thread steel rod (adjustable up to 19.5″) and the nylon version (adjustable up to 16″) are recommended for their durability. All the Helpers currently utilize a neodymium (Rare-Earth) magnet with a rated pull force of 48.5 lb. Including the non-adjustable fiberglass version offered from this listing.

Beware of imitations! The Woodcutters Helper with its unique magnetic mounting process has been exclusively offered by the manufacture since June of 2010. Any similar items not carrying the “Woodcutters Helper” name are a knock-off and are most likely of inferior quality.

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Please saw safe!

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